10. February / qwebirc update

The qwebirc has moved to and is now working again.

10. February / Just hackint

A year ago our network linked to the hackint network via For topological reasons we later decided to link our servers separately to one of hackint's hubs, essentially dissolving the Evility part. In order to remove any ambiguity we decided to cease the use of our network name and now simply belong to hackint. However, our servers can still be reached via and our channel will remain #evility.

03. June / New webchat

We installed qwebirc as a new webchat. It's more stable than CGI:IRC and uses a secure connection via HTTPS. However, our old webchat will remain available for now.

13. February / Round robin update

Our round robin ( also inlcudes hackint's servers now.

13. February / From Anope to Atheme

As you may have noticed, there were some instabilities with the services upon the join to hackint. We collectively tried to solve these issues but finally decided to switch from the heavily patched Anope to an actively maintained codebase, namely Atheme IRC Services. Things should be fine and stable now!

Read more about the switch here.

04. February / hackint link

We are very pleased to announce that we are now a part of the hackint communications network. Their biggest channels besides #hackint are, channel of the CCC Dortmund and #spaceboyz/#dn42, a hacker community which runs the dn42, a big dynamic VPN. On the technical side they use the ratbox compatible Hybrid IRCd and run an own fork of Anope IRC Services, so you're are now able to register channels and nicks within our network as well.

You can read more about the technical details of linking ratbox and Hybrid on hackint's blog.

19. January / New server eris (formerly linked as part of the dronf IRC network) is now part of Evility.

Yay! Our small network turned 1 on January 11th. :-)

We delinked from byxnet due to technical reasons which rendered both networks incompatible. It was a nice time with you though, thanks and good luck for the future!

So, what changed? First of all, we now support SSL on ports 6667 and 9999 and a new channel mode +S, which only allows SSL-encrypted clients to join (all of our server links are also SSL encrypted now!). Next, we realized that a nick length of 9 is just not modern anymore, so we bumped it to 15. Last but not least, both servers now accept IPv6 clients.


26. February / New link to byxnet

We delinked from due to major issues with its admin and are now directly connected to byxnet. Thanks to for providing the link!

We linked to, which connected us to two more networks, byxnet and dropnet. byxnet is one of the oldest IRC networks in existence. If you want to learn more, please check its Wikipedia article.

20. January / dronf link

We linked with the dronf IRC network.

18. January / CityChat Döbeln

After being dead for two years we finally relaunched the CityChat Döbeln, a local chat community originally founded roughly a decade ago to connect people in and around the german town Döbeln.

11. January / Evility

After 5 years of chatting on various IRC networks we decided to set up our own small network.